The Surprising Ways Climate Change Can Affect Your Dog’s Health

pug with tongue out outside in the grass

Recent reports from NASA have said that 2015 was the current hottest year on record! And it does look like 2016, at least on the West Coast, is shaping up to be another hot one!

For a dog owner, this is truly concerning. Climate change is affecting the world we live in, which means it’s also changing the life of Fido and Spot!

In other words, warm weather means bugs of every kind are on their way out, much earlier than they ever had before! Pet parents should be aware of what these changes mean, and take bug preventative care measures early.

We are talking about unfriendly pet critters like heartworms (spread by mosquitoes), ticks, and fleas!

Heartworm is especially frightening because it can lead to congestive heart failure in your pooch!

After the break, read more about this serious problem. Don’t leave your pup unprotected!

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