(VIDEO) When You Hear This Pug Freak Out… You Can’t Help But LOL!

pug freaks out

If you have never witnessed a Pug freak out, then you've definitely been missing out! LOL!

There's just something so hilarious about watching these pups go all out sometimes. They not only look funny, but Pugs make the funniest noises when they're in freak out mode too! LOL!

You just have to see it believe it. When this excited Pug hears a tractor rolling through, he goes absolutely insane! Don't miss out on this Pug freak out moment!

You have to see what he does at the very end when he finally gets to unleash his wrath. I couldn't stop laughing!

This excited Pug freaks out in a hilarious way possible, and you can see it on the next page!

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