Pug’s Secret Activity is… Dancing?! I Didn’t Know Moves Like This Were Possible!

pug dancing

Okay, confession time. Do you have something you love to do while your significant other is gone? Perhaps you love to eat ice cream while watching your favorite TV show. Or, maybe you sing your heart out to a favorite song. You get my gist.

Anyway, if you answered yes it's okay! Believe it or not, but many of us have secret activities… even Pugs.

Yeah, that's right. Pugs. 

Just wait until you see Fred the Pug's secret activity! Once you see what this Pug can do, you're going to want to play this video over and over. This Pug has personality, charm, and he's SO entertaining. Don't believe me? Stay tuned for the video at the end.

So let's begin our Pug's secret activity story. Fred the Pug starts out by sleeping. Hmm mmm. I'm pretty sure he's doing that to throw off his Dad. Those zzz's are short lived because as soon as Dad leaves, this Pug shows off a secret activity I didn't know existed!

pug sleeping

Find out what Fred the Pug does when does leaves after the break. Seriously, I didn't even think moves like this were possible! 

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