As Pug Spazzes Out, We Can’t Help but FREAK Out!

freaking out pug

Does your pup ever have some crazy moments? Will he run around and jump all over the house for no reason at all? If this is your pup, it sounds like he might be spazzing out! LOL!

Spazzy dogs are the best! They get so crazy, and they're so much fun to watch! What's even better than that, you ask? A pug spazzing out is even better!

You won't be able to contain your excitement much like this pug can't control his energetic moments! Just take a look at how wild he gets! He's definitely a crazy one! So crazy in fact that I hope he didn't accidentally steal a few sips of his owner's coffee! LOL!

Want to see how wild and spazzed out one pug can get? Watch on the next page to find out!

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