The Water Bottle Crunch: A DIY Dog Toy Your Pooch Should Have Now

If you are worried about your pooch playing with dog toys that seem safe for dogs but really aren't, you should be! Many toys are manufactured to be dog safe but in reality they are not. If ever in doubt watch how your pooch plays with the toy. If she starts ripping out the stuffing and eating it then you definitely know this isn't the right toy for your pooch!

Besides the safety factor, it can get expensive buying your doggie toy after toy. Instead of purchasing new toys, why not try this DIY water bottle crunch instead? This inexpensive DIY toy only takes a water bottle, used sock, and doggy kibble. Sounds too easy to be true, right?

Check out the instructions on how to make this water bottle on the next page. It'll probably be a hit for your doggy!

Image Source: DogVacay Host Jane Yoo

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