Therapy Pugs Bring Love and Peace to Offenders at a Youth Development Center – This is Remarkable!

Pug Cutie

Lori Sirois is a gem of a human being. This giving woman and her Pugs Cuppy, Sissy, and the puppy Nelly, often visit the Long Creek Youth Development Center residents in South Portland. They’ve visited once a week for three years, the Pugs trading off from week to week, and it’s been a grand adventure!

All of the Pugs are registered therapy dogs and seem to do wonders with the residence. It’s a tough place to live but for a few hours, playing with the dogs, they can shelve negativity and just let the pups take them away.

Who doesn’t feel love for a Pug?

After the break, take a look at the how and why it works. All seems good in the world when you have a pooch to hold onto and take comfort in.

Featured Image via Press Herald

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