(VIDEO) When a Pug is Trying to Keep Her Meal Away From Her Pug Brother, You’ll Never Guess What Type of Noises She Makes… LOL!

Pug won't share her food

A dog asks very little from her surroundings. She wants an occasional sign of affection, a nice run about the house and in the yard, maybe even a ride in the car and a sweet patch of grass to do her business.

And yes, she’s willing to share it all!

However, when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner a girl has to stand her ground. When the pet parents feed her, in her little bowl in the secure area it always sits, there can be no interruptions and if another pooch tries to steal what is hers? Watch out world, because the sounds coming from her cute puppy-mouth are full of threats!

Life is too short to be pushed around by interlopers and this rather possessive Pug is a good example of a girl who will not be shoved around! LOL!

After the break, get ready to watch an LOL-inducing video!

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