(VIDEO) When This Pug Gets Tickled… Her Reaction is to Kick?! Too Cute!

Ticklish Pooch

When a baby is tickled, we pretty much know right away if they are happy or pleased by the attention. They will giggle or outright laugh at the feeling and entertainment aspect.

You might try the same thing on your dog and, nine out of ten times, they love to throw themselves on their back in anticipation of a tummy-rub, pat or tickling.

But how do we know they are experiencing the same satisfaction that a baby might?

Instead of giggles we get the kicking leg! Part of it is “Oh, stop!” but mostly it is “This is so great! So much fun!”

On the next page take a look at an adorable pooch who is not beyond enjoying being tickled! His reaction is just too sweet!

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