These Adorable (and Extra Small) Puppies Come With a Hefty Pricetag

teacup pug


When we went looking for a dog, we knew we wanted a small pup. We had loved and took care of German Shepherds for most of our lives and completely adored them. However, when Max came into our lives we had a small backyard and wanted a pooch that would be hardy but comfortable with the small space. Max, a Chihuahua mix was smallish but not too small, a twenty-pound dog, and perfect for our family.

Still, as much as we love our little boy, we often wondered what it would be like to have a pup of the teacup variety. An extra small doggy to carry and cuddle and potentially put in our purse as we walk about and take in life! Sounds very nice but, as we have recently found out, the smaller the dog the bigger the price tag!

We kid you not! We are talking about pooches in the thousands of dollars!

Now, if you have the cash and would do anything to have your own tiny and pampered pet then we say do it. But before you do, go take a look at the offerings over on the next page. This will give you a great idea on the cuties that are out there. Enjoy the exploration!

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