These Doggies in Suitcases are Soooo Cute!

dog in suitcase

When you pack up and get ready to go on a trip, does your pooch hop inside your suitcase?! Most doggies do, and it's their subtle way of telling you “Please mommy — don't go!” Dogs are much smarter than you think and will associate a suitcase with you leaving. It's precious but sad at the same time!

For now let's look at some adorable pets that look super cute inside a variety of suitcases. These pets are SO determined to stay in the bags that they may just have to go with their owner! Because we all know that their owner can't leave without them. How dare they?!

If you do decide to bring your pooch along, he'll be a great helper. He may even offer to get your bags!

Check out all of the cuteness on the next page. Don't leave your pup behind — he must come along! 😉

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