(Video) Watch How This Adorable Yet Defiant Pug Refuses His Bedtime

Grimley the Reluctant Bedtime Pug


Sometimes we have to wonder if our fur-children realize they are NOT our human children. They have the same expression(s) when we deny them anything and might even turn around and pout! Now, unlike our human children when they get into their “teens” they actually want to spend even more time with us! However, like our young adult kids, our pups can also have tempers!

Grimly is usually a very good doggy, loyal and charming, but he seems to become a rebel when an announcement of “bedtime” is made. Like any kid, he thinks he’s too old to have an actual bedtime. He is his own dog, after all!

After the break, go over and look at a hilarious video, a work of art featuring Grimly having somewhat of a puggy tantrum when it comes to going to sleep.

In a way, we do not blame him. Who wants to be ordered to bed? Yet, he knows the routine and Mom is not going to take his backtalk without a verbal fight! LOL!

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