These Pugs Will Crack You Up – Just Wait Until You See the Pug at 3:00!

funny pug

We all love a funny pooch, right? Even more so, we love a good and hilarious pug video!

There's no doubt about it, pug videos are so funny to watch, especially when see pugs having a blast with their silly faces and cute personalities.

Well, get ready for a load of laughs as you watch this funny pug compilation video! You just can't miss seeing the best of the best silly pugs in action!

You'll also catch some pugs tripping over their stubby legs, make funny noises, act very silly during playtime and even run around with little doggy shoes!

I guarantee that this pug compilation will have you rolling on the floor with laughter! LOL! So sit back and enjoy these Pugs during their most entertaining moments!

Watch some very sweet and silly pugs caught on camera after the break!

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