These Surprising Household Items Could Harm Your Doggy – Get Rid of Them Now!

pug chewing on sheets

The seasoned dog owner knows all about what to watch out for. We understand you do not want to have chocolate or bleach within easy reach of our pooch. And it’s probably not a good idea to have dishwasher packs and electrical wiring where Fido can lick and munch too.

However, there are many lesser known household hazards that you might not have ever considered a threat!

For example, certain nuts – macadamias come to mind – can be poisonous to dogs! Also, there are ingredients in that lovely fragrant potpourri you adore that can be positively lethal! And you don’t even want to ask us about the threat of stray dental floss!

What is a dog parent to do to protect his or her furry child? After the break, learn more about items you may never have thought of as threatening to your pooch!

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