12 Signs That’ll Reveal to You Whether You’re Crazy About Pugs

pug puppies

Everyone is crazy about something. Whether it's a favorite tv show, eating chocolate, or taking naps, everyone has something they're just a tad over the moon about. Perhaps you're crazy about your Pug! And if you are — that's quite alright! There are plenty of Pug crazed fans that'll hop on the Pug bandwagon with you! LOL!

If you are indeed obsessed with Pugs then you'll have no problem identifying with these symptoms. Don't fret, the symptoms don't mean you have to visit your physician. Though, you may need to take something if you're that Pug crazy. Just kidding!

We think a healthy obsession with Pugs is just fine. Hello — look at those cute Puggy faces! With a Pug's adorable smooshed face, curly tail, and other features to go wild over, who wouldn't love a doggy like that?!

After the break, check out 12 signs that'll tell you whether you are an obsessed Pug person and are damn proud of it (there's no need to be ashamed)!

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