10 of the Most Expensive Purebred Dogs Will Floor Anyone

Cavalier Charles King Spaniel

If you thought your dog was expensive then the ten most expensive purebred dogs will shock you!

Many of us that having a dog costs money. We have to pay adoption fees, vet bills, money for food, toys, training, beds and more.  The amount of money we spend on our dogs might seem like a large amount. However, it is likely not as much compared to what some people will pay for a purebred dog.

Most of us that purebred dogs can be expensive. However, when we found out just how expensive ten of the most expensive purebred dogs really are, our jaws dropped. It takes pricey to a whole new level.

Once you know how much these purebred dogs actually cost, it just might make you feel better about the costs that you paid for yours (even though we all know there's no price on a precious doggy best friend!). For most people, their dogs are very valuable to them, and these purebred dogs prove that more than you can imagine!

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