(VIDEO) Just One Mention of This Cat’s Name Sends This Pug Into Major Freak Out Mode… CRAZY!

angry pug

We all know that cats and dogs just don't get along most of the time. Except for the few exceptions to this old belief, dogs generally stay away from cats. And it's the same way for cats as well, even though you do occasionally get a curious cat who wants to make friends with a dog. LOL!.

But for the most part a dog and cat tend to be hostile towards one another whenever they approach each other, right? LOL!

Well, the case is the same of this scrappy Pug. Just wait until you see what he does right when he hears this cat's name!

This Pug is so bothered by felines that he can't even stand it when his humans mention cat names to him! LOL! Talk about a bitter grudge. OMG! You need to see this silly pooch's hilarious reaction!

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