This Dad Asks His Pug for a Hug. Now Watch and See How She Responds…

pug giving dad a hug

Everyone has a bad day. It's during those bad days that you turn to your favorite things that make you smile. Whether it's calling that special someone, listening to a favorite song, or watching a television program, everyone has their own way of unwinding.

Then there's your pooch. There's no doubt about it. A doggy has his own way to turn your world upside down, for the better. In fact, sometimes all you need to do to make your frown turn upside down is get a hug from your furry best friend.

Sometimes a hug is really all you need and if it's from your furry pal? Even better. That simple hug and a cuddling session with your dog not only makes your doggy feel loved, but it helps you feel a ton better.

Hugs are amazing, which is exactly how one fur dad feels about his Pug. He LOVES hugging his Pug so much that when he needs a hug, all he has to do is ask.

Watch to see how this Pug reacts when Dad asks her for a hug. This is not your ordinary hug either. Look at the video and see just how special this hug is. 

This is one of the most touching Pug videos I’ve seen!

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