(VIDEO) Little Frenchie Puppy Gets too Close to the Edge of the Sofa. How Dad Keeps Her Safe? You’ll Love This Tender Moment!

frenchie dad and pup

For new parents, Moxie and Angus, French Bulldog puppies can be quite a handful if they aren't careful! Like most new parents, these two have plenty to look out for.

In this video, you'll get to meet their new puppy, Coco! Coco is one curious pup and at just three weeks old, she's ready to explore!

However, being so young leaves this puppy quite vulnerable to many dangers. While Coco is hanging out on the sofa, she tries to see if she can get off on her own.

Luckily her father, Angus, comes to the rescue right on time! You need to see this sweet moment between father and puppy!

Watch how Coco, the puppy gets saved by her father on the next page! Whew — it's a good thing Papa was near by!

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