(VIDEO) Naughty Frenchie is Caught in the Act. When You See How He Responds? HILARIOUS!

Guilty Dog

Some beasts are good liars. They can look you straight in the eye and say, “What? No! I didn’t do anything!” and seem rather convincing while doing it. Yes, even if all indications point to the fact they really did do what they swear they did not do!

Dogs, more times than not, cannot convincingly lie when they do something wrong. Their faces speak of guilt the moment we confront them with their errors; messing in one of the bedrooms or chewing up little Billy’s homework.

Then we have Niko He’s a handsome French Bulldog and it’s not that we cannot read the guilt on his face but his body language speaks volumes!

After the break, check out what he does when confronted with a punishment worthy prank!

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