(Video) Get in the Mood for the Holiday Season by Watching Some Pretty Cute Puppies Make it Their Own – Aww!


Christmas is definitely a holiday for the whole family, but that mainly applies to the human members of the gang. After all, dogs don't really understand what Christmas is, and for them, the only thing that's different about that day is that maybe there are a lot more people in the house than usual.

Or, maybe they get a special treat they don't normally get. But have you ever wondered how pups would celebrate this festive holiday if they had the chance?

Well, now there's a video that shows just what they might do if left to their own devices at Christmastime. In this charming video, a group of puppies run amok around the Christmas tree and all of the brightly wrapped presents, chewing on ribbons and playing with wrapping paper. It's incredibly adorable and really gets us in the mood for Christmas!

To see the incredible reaction a group of puppies has when they encounter a room full of Christmas presents, please continue to the next page for the adorable video.

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