(Video) Adorable 5-Week-Old Golden Retriever Puppies Are Not Very Thrilled When THIS Happens…

pups in a pool

Now that Spring is finally on its way we start to think of all that cold wet stuff melting away into green grass, pretty flowers and, in some of the warmer climates, swimming and playing in the Sun!

Oh, the anticipation after a long winter being locked away inside the simple warmth of a small house.

The outdoors awaits! It’s time to explore! Or so thinks a wonderful pack of cute Golden Retriever puppies that want, more than anything else in the world, to play outside and go swimming!

They can see the pool with its playthings inside and they are raring to go! The only thing stopping them now is a large glass door but it will open soon and they will be splashing away like the yellow rubber ducky they see waiting for them!

At least that is the plan. Go over to the next page to see if their dream comes true!

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