(VIDEO) Batman the Pug is SO Hungry That He… Screams for Dinner! LOL!

Batman the pug wants food

Talk about excitement! Batman the Pug is pretty vocal about his food obsession! LOL!

In this hilarious video, you'll witness Batman begging his owner for his food. You can't really call it begging though because it sounds more like screaming. HAHA!

You have to listen to him yell for his food. He's hungry, and he wants his food NOW! Someone better hurry up and pour him a bowl of kibble!

You'll totally laugh your socks off after watching this tiny pug go crazy for lunch! Has your pooch ever lost his marbles during lunch time? I bet they sounded NOTHING like Batman the Pug. He is one crazy pooch!

Batman the Pug likes to screams for his food — listen to him on the next page!

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