(VIDEO) This Pug is Over the Moon Excited! Now Watch Just How Much Energy She Has…

pug with a lot of energy

There's no stopping this crazy Pug! She has tons of energy and is running out of ways to use it all up! LOL!

I'm sure we're all too familiar with seeing how crazy an energetic pooch can get, right?! They just can't seem to stop, and they're really determined to keep the energy going for as long as they can! LOL!

It really makes you wonder where these doggies get their energy from! In this video, one Pug can't contain her excitement!

You'll love watching her run around and go absolutely insane inside her owner's room! Keep a very close eye on her; she moves fast!

Watch this energetic Pug go crazy with excitement in her owner's room on the video on the next page!

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