(Video) Doggy Shows Us Just How Much Fun a Ball Pit Can Be… Woah!

doggie ball pit

First of all, we have to admire how spoiled this little pooch is. We say this with no sarcasm or animosity at all. The very idea that his human Mom and Dad built him his own little ball pit, a place where he can romp and play, is awesome!

And it is not as if this ball pit gift is unappreciated. Obviously, the pup loves it, runs full force to make his landing, then pull out his favorite toy amongst all the colorful balls in the pit! He’s amazing!

After a short break, you simply have to go over to the next page and take a look at a hilarious video of a pamper pet, his play area, and how he “attacks” it.

You’ll come away from the video with a great big smile!

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