(Video) Do Our Pugs Have THESE Weird Habits? LOL!

tanning pug

You can have a really bad day, some unhappiness at home and at the office, but when you sit in your favorite armchair at the end of the day, miserable and knowing you may have to go through the same thing the following day, it is definitely a lift when watching your doggy’s antics.

Now, if you have a pug you have to be aware of some weird habits, things you may not feel a normal dog would do.

Is this just pug thing? Not necessarily but, in our opinion, only a pugs can make the usual strange and amusing. Maybe it has something to do with those big glossy eyes, flat noses, and roly-poly bodies.

After the break see one such pug go through his day, watch the funny things he does, and enjoy the ease in which he does them. It may be “weird” to us but he is perfectly comfortable with his unusual ways!

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