(Video) She Smacks the Big Husky With Her Toy. How the Dog Reacts? Priceless.

kissy pup and baby


Often it amazes us how a doggy can be abused by an unaware child or baby and instead of barking angrily or biting, they will often take the abuse in stride, either ignoring the child or getting up and walking away.

Dogs can be far more even tempered than many humans!

A great example of this is over on the next page. But there is a twist. This baby’s gentle abuse is done all in play and the sweet husky that is keeping her company appears to know this.

There is a playful side to this pooch and also a very tender and loving side.

Maybe a little too loving! Daddy seems a bit more disturbed by that than the baby!

Go over and watch this sweet and hilarious short video!

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