(Video) I Can’t Believe These Pugs Freak Out When Dad Leaves the Car and… Scream?!

pug screaming

When a pooch is extremely attached to his human parents, sometimes it's hard for him to see his Mom or Dad leave him, let alone pay attention to their computer instead of him.

In particular, Pugs are very attached to their owners, but that's only because they have a lot of love to give!

That's exactly how two Pugs feel when their Dad parks the car and leaves them momentarily in the car with their human Mom. Since Mom is there with them you would think they'd be fine, but it's made clear right away that these two puglets have a VERY strong attachment to Dad.

When you see what unfolds on the video… you won't believe how much they love Dad!

The story starts like this: Two Pugs are having fun on a nice car ride while hanging out on Mom's lap. They look happy even though they are too smart for their Pug britches because they begin to think that something is up and they are right…

pugs on their mom's lap

When these Pugs continue to get the sense that something is up, you won't believe what happens next!

Hold onto your Pugs, because you're in for a bumpy — and screaming ride. 

And don’t forget to watch the video at the end — how this epic Puggie meltdown unfolds is unbelievable! 

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