(VIDEO) This Mom Scares Her Pug. What He Does to Get Revenge? Talk About Feisty!

scared pug and mom

When a Pug or any doggy for that matter gets pranked, there is only one thing left to do; Get back at the prankster! LOL!

When a dog mom decides to scare her peaceful Pug, she quickly learns the consequences! LOL! Just watch how she decides to startle her pooch and what this funny Pug does in return.

Trust me; you've never seen a Pug attack in such an adorable way as this feisty fellow! Ha ha! Don't let another moment go by with you missing out on the action!

Just remember if you're thinking about scaring your pooch, you might have to deal with payback! Poor doggie!

Watch how this mom scares her Pug on the video and how he decides to get back at his mom on the next page!

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