(VIDEO) A Baby Frenchie is Friends With a Great Dane. When You See Them Together? My Heart’s Melting!

frenchie and Doberman

Geronimo is a Great Dane and at one hundred and ninety pounds he would be a rather formidable companion for any dog. But he is a gentle soul and that is a very good thing because he has a new adopted sister – and her whole body is about the size of his head!

Her name is Zoe and she is about twelve-weeks-old. This perky pup is a French bulldog puppy and, as do all puppies, she wants to play with her big brother. Unfortunately, he seems to only be in the mood to lay around and nap.

Life must have been a lot easier for Geronimo during those days when he was the lone dog of the household. Still, there are advantages in having a sibling. At least now he has someone around that can understand him and who knows what type of doggie conversations he and Zoe have had.

After the break, watch this cute twosome on the video as they experience being brother and sister and, more than that, BFFs!

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