(VIDEO) Keeping Your Pooch Safe and Happy During the Summer

patriotic puppy

It’s summertime and with all of the fun for both you and your pets, there are also things to watch for! It is, after all, bug season and you never know what tick or flea will hop on poor Rover!

Then, of course, with Independence Day quickly approaching – with all of the fire crackers and other loud noises – we need to be sure our best bud isn’t so terrified he’ll want to run off while the family is out and about enjoying themselves. It's important to keep him safe and calm his fears when he hears those loud noises go off!

Or, it's just as bad if you have Rover out on a leash on the 4th and he tries to make a break for it after a particularly loud pop or crack!

These and other summer subjects are touched on in the wonderful video over on the next page. Each season has its struggles so it is always nice when you, as a dog owner, are in the know!

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