(VIDEO) A Pug and Frenchie Are BFF’s. But When They Want the Same Toy? Oh No, Not Frenemies!

Two Doggie Pals

It’s always lovely to have a two dog household. They can keep each other company during lonely days when Mom or Dad are at work, they can cuddle together when thunderstorms come close, and they can play with toys together; tug of war, hide the stuffed bear, and our favorite, sharing snacks after a long day of exhibiting tricks!

Zeus and Rambo, two very attractive pooches, are the best of sibs. Although one is a Pug and the other is a Frenchie, they look like they could have come from the same womb. Yes, they are that close!

However, they do have a slight case of the: “Mine, mine, mine's!” when it comes to treats and a certain toy Daddy is using as a training and reward tool.

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