(VIDEO) Small Pug Puppy Gets Introduced to a Stuffed Animal. When You See How Much She Loves It? This is too Cute!

pug toy

Doggies are known to really love their toys! I mean, really love them! LOL! They sometimes can't go anywhere without bringing them along!

They might also sometimes play a little too rough with them and destroy them. OOPS! Ha ha!

However, doggies just can't seem to get enough of their toys. You especially know this is true when a dog can't seem to go anywhere without her toy. She may carry it in her mouth all day long or even bring it to you when you get home from work to tell you how much she loves you!

The same goes for this adorable Pug puppy. She receives her first stuffed animal ever in the video and immediately she falls in love! When you see how she reacts to her new plush friend, your heart will melt!

This video of this adorable Pug puppy is just way too adorable! Feel your heart melt as you watch this adorable interaction.

Watch how one lucky Pug gets introduced to her new stuffed animal friend on this heartwarming video on the next page.

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