(VIDEO) This Man is Smoking Near a Dog. When He Brings it Closer to the Dog? Watch This Clever Response!

dog says no to smoking

We all know that drugs are bad! Smoking is bad for your health and your mind! We all grew up knowing that we should say no to drugs, right? And of course we know that Pugs Not Drugs is a famous phrase that we often hear! 😉

Well, luckily, even this doggy on the video on the next page knows that smoking is bad! LOL! You need to see how this smart pooch reacts when he is near a cigarette!

You will be very impressed at his quick witted response! It looks like he is trying to stay clean and healthy for a very long time! We should all take this pooch's advice and just say no smoking just like he does! It is just so darn cute. You need to see this.

Watch this impressive pooch react to a nearby cigarette smoker on the video on the next page.

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