(VIDEO) This Frenchie is Ready for Dinner. How He Shows His Mom He Wants to Eat? This Is Genius!

Frenchie wants dinner

When most dogs get hungry, they find special ways to tell their owner it's time for food! You've seen them jump around their bowl or paw at the bag of kibble, right? Your dog may also have other fun techniques such as bringing their bowl to you or whining excessively!

Well, this educated Frenchie has a very clever way of letting his owner know that he is ready to dine like a true gentleman. When you see what he does, you will be shocked!

I'm pretty sure most pooches don't ask for dinner this politely! In fact, I almost guarantee it. LOL! You really need to see this video! It might even give you pointers on trying to get your own pup to do this neat trick when it's time for him to eat!

Watch how this adorable Frenchie asks his mom for dinner in a clever way on this entertaining video on the next page.

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