(VIDEO) Pug Comes Across a Fart Machine. How He Reacts to It? This is Pure Comedy!

pug and fart machine

It's true that Pugs are not really sure what to think when they encounter a strange new object. They're likely thinking: Will it harm me? Or is it going to threaten my humans? If only we could get a glimpse into the mind of a Pug! LOL!

Grimley the Pug, for example, isn't sure what to make of a very strange object in his home. When he happens to come across a fart machine, just how will he respond? Just how unsure he is of this fart machine is comical, to say the least!

I don't blame this Pug for being inquisitive about this strange object that's taking over his living room floor. It's shaped weird and it also is making odd noises. What the heck is going on!

Get a load of curious Grimley as he slowly inches closer and closer, checking out the fart machine:

pug and fart machine

Next, see how Grimley responds to this weird alien like object and later watch this episode unfold on video. How dare it take over his living room floor! LOL!

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