(VIDEO) Wait Until You See How This Pug Reacts to a Fart Machine – I Can’t Stop Laughing!

pug's attack move

Hmm… Grimley the pug is not so sure what to make of this weird contraption. The shape is odd and then — oh wait — it makes noises too?! Seriously what the heck is this thing?!

pug's attack move

Grimley decides to pull out his attack move with a small bark, just in case. Who knows what this thing is capable of!

reaction to fart machine

After the machine continues to make noises Grimley has about had it. So what does he do?! You're going to have to wait to find out on the video where you'll watch this strange encounter unfold! LOL!

After the break, watch what steps Grimley the Pug decides to take against this foreign intruder on the video. Be prepared to laugh!

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