(Video) Pug Encounters a Talking Tom. How He Says “You Can’t Get Me?” Prepare to ROFL!

pug talking

When it comes to playing with human toys, doggies can be extra cautious. With so many blinking lights and weird sounds that originate from a toy, it can totally confuse a pup! LOL! It's also pretty hilarious to witness.

In this funny video, one spunky Pug encounters his first human toy, and it's a Talking Tom! How does he react? You need to see it to believe it.

When you see the way he tries to tell this seemingly evil toy to get out of his way, you'll be crying with laughter! Who will win this hilarious battle of Talking Tom vs. a Pug?!

Watch how one funny and startled Pug comes across a Talking Tom toy on the next page! This is a hilarious video that you can't miss!

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