(Video) Pug Fights Hard to Not Fall Asleep! Poor Baby!

This pug is so sleepy, but the way he tries so hard to fight sleep is just so funny!

Our dogs get just as sleepy as we sometimes do. However, they know it is their job to start alert and to protect us so they try to fight sleep for as long as they can.

The way this pug tries to protect us and not miss out on the action on the video after the break, it is just about the best thing ever!

This pug is so sweet. You'll feel sorry for this adorable pug but find it impossible not to laugh at the same time.

Watching him try to stay awake will definitely make your smile. You will also find yourself hoping that the pug will finally be able to get some rest.

Find out if this sweet pug finally decides to surrender to sleep on the video on the next page.

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