(VIDEO) This is What Happens When You Mess With THIS Pug’s Blanket… LOL!

Pug and Blanket

As children, and even as adults, we have certain “things” in our lives that are important to us; maybe a photo of a long dead relative, or a quilt Grandma made for us, or even a novel bought years ago with our best friend at a used book store.

As human beings we always thought we were alone in our sentimentality but, as time passes, we look at our pets and realize they too seem to have a connection with their “things.”

An example? Watch as Rover goes to his toy box and takes one special squeeze toy to play with. It is the one he always seems to go to. Or maybe his food dish, that chewed-up plastic bowl, is his friend? He might eat out of another bowl but not nearly with as much joy.

Over on the next page, we have a cute Pug, who, in every other way, is a sweet dog. However, if you try to mess with Buddy's prized blanket you better prepare for retaliation! Some treasured objects should never be touched – even by Mom and Dad!

Find out how Buddy responds when his humans try and mess with his blanket. Nope, I don't think that's going to work, he says! LOL!

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