(VIDEO) Pug is All Dressed Up in Her Pretty Tutu. What She Does Next? I Guarantee You’ll Want to Watch This Video Over and Over!

Pug in a tutu

What do you do when you have a pug wearing a tutu? You make that doggy a music video star, that's what! LOL! This cute ball of fur will make you laugh with her crazy dance skills!

What can be better than that you say? This Pug in a tutu even gets her own song written by her owner and it's pretty amazing! You need to hear it and watch her bust a move. I would too if my mom wrote a song for me, LOL!

You won't believe what she can do. Boredom might be a drag but in this case, this Pug and her owner made the best of it. You'll be watching this video over and over again! LOL! She's so funny!

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