(VIDEO) Pug Pupppy is SO Tired That He… Falls Over?! OMG, Wait Until 1:24. Poor Baby!

pug sleep

We all have those days that seem to drag on forever! You might not even be able to help how sleep you feel. No matter what you do, it feels as if you can fall asleep no matter what you're doing. LOL!

Well, for one tiny Pug pup, sleep is too hard to resist. He's just so tired that he can't even get himself to lay down! You're going to have a laugh when you see how this Pug puppy decides to get his shut eye.

When he falls over, you'll be so surprised! Just wait until you see how this poor baby reacts.

Watch how this tiny Pug puppy falls over while falling asleep sitting up on the next page! Someone get this pooch a comfy bed! LOL!

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