(VIDEO) Pug Says “No, No, No” to Mom – HILARIOUS!

Pug not sharing toy

Doggies can get a little territorial over new toys. Especially if they really like their toy, you better stay away! Why is that? Well, that special toy happens to be their favorite, and unless they give you permission to touch it, there's no way it's going to happen! LOL!

Take this cute Pug for example. She has a toy that he happens to love, and her Mom is asking to take it — or borrow it. Sorry Mom, she says. No can do!

Okay, so maybe this Pug is just a tad selfish — but seriously, how could Mom attempt to take away a toy she so obviously adores?!

In this hilarious video on the next page, you have to see how this Pug reacts when her Mom tries to borrow her new beloved donut toy. Her reaction — and her noises — are ones you can't miss.

One thing's for certain: There's no way Mom is getting anywhere near this toy!

After the break, check out how this adorable Pug tells her there's no way she's “borrowing” her toy! LOL!

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