(Video) Pug Says No Way to Bedtime With Serious Attitude. Now Wait to See Who Has the Last Word…


One thing that isn't always fun about being a kid is having a bedtime. It always seems that right when you're having a fun night; you get the horrible news that it's time to go to sleep! Oh no! LOL!

Sometimes you might even try to protest, but it's no use, you know you have to sleep eventually. It's too bad — you want to finish that video game, darn!

When this feisty Pug gets told that he has to go to bed, his reaction will make you crack up!

Watch what he tries to do next as his owner tries to corral him over to his bed. He is just too hilarious!

Check out this energetic pooch give his owner attitude when he gets told to go to bed on this hilarious video on the next page!

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