(Video) So, Where Do Pugs Come From? This Pug History Video Is Very Surprising.


It turns out there is still more to learn about pugs and their history and it just might blow your mind!

Many of us have had pugs for years. For some people, a pug is the only dog for them. They are just so adorable, funny and make the best faces. When we learned the history of pugs, it just might us love them even more.

A creative and hilarious song all about the history of pugs on the next page will have you cracking up. Every time you think about it, it will be impossible not to laugh.

When you get done laughing, you might just want another pug. This video will definitely make your day.

To learn even more about pugs in the funniest way possible, please head on over to the next page and check out this video.

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