(Video) A Doggy Spots a Pool in the Backyard. Now Watch the Moment When He Runs Toward it When His Dad Opens the Door…


What this dog does when he sees a pool in his backyard is the best thing ever!

Most of us love to go swimming because it is fun and it helps us stay cool. However, our pets do not always share our excitement about having a pool. However, when this dog on the video on the next page spots a pool in the backyard, OMG, it is just so cute.

Then the way the dog responds when the dog to the backyard gets opened is just so priceless!

You won't be able to help smiling and laughing all at the same time. This video is so cute you may even say “Awww”. You'll feel so happy for the little dog. Watching how excited he gets may even make you start wondering how your own dog will react to a swimming pool (maybe in a good way?!).

To watch what happens when this dog gets close to the pool, please head on over to the next page and watch the amazing video.

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