(VIDEO) The Clock Strikes Midnight and This Pug Climbs the Stairs Like She’s a Princess Wearing Glass Slippers – LOL!

Pug princess at the bottom of the stairs

This Pug loves to show off just how royal she can be. Not only is she in a hurry to leave the royal ball so she won't turn into a pumpkin, but the prince is hot on her tracks and she must hurry! Watch her walk like a princess when she climbs up the stairs! Will she make it in time?!

Oh my goodness – this Pug ‘princess' is so adorable to watch! Plus, every time I watch this video I can't tell whether she's wearing actual glass slippers or not! LOL! Cinder-pug seemed to have made it just in time before her fairy Godmother had to take away her princess status! But still, I don't think she'll have a problem acting like one going forward, ha ha!

It's obvious that this Pug is a very pampered pooch who thinks she's a princess, and that's quite all right with us!

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