(VIDEO) Sad Frenchie Cries Out for His Dad. What Happens Next? Poor Baby!

Frenchie In Water

As with most little girls and their fathers, a little female Frenchie’s first love is her Daddy!

And what fun they will have when he brings her to the beach. Oh, the fun! They’ll make sand castles, frolic on the shore, and maybe even swim. Frenchie may not have all that much experience swimming, but surely Daddy will show her and…

Wait a minute. Where is he going?

The simply hilarious video over on the next page shows us the ultimate betrayal of a cute Frenchie who seems to watch her pet parent swim out farther and farther – leaving her behind!

She is obviously not counting on this and her vocalizations, the angst of having been abandoned, is obvious.

However she never keeps her eyes off of him and the water as she seems to call out: “What about me?” Or could she be worried for him, out there all alone?

Go check this funny video out on the next page and come to your own decision!

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