(Video) Mom is Getting Dinner Ready for Her Pups, Then Sees What They’re up to in the Background

dogs on table

Ah, dinner. It's a favorite time of day for both humans and doggies. For humans, it means the end of a long day full of work and errands. For dogs, it means the end of a long day waiting for their human to come back home.

It's certainly my dog's favorite time of day. The word “dinner” makes his tail wag at 100 miles per hour and his ears perk up. He even does a few hops like a bunny to make sure I truly understand how important food is to him. I can't blame him! We all love food.

For the pups in this video, dinner time is family time. This dog mom has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR furbabies to feed. You would think that meal time would be chaotic and insane, as it would be with four human kids, but these pups prove that organized eating is possible. You'll be thoroughly impressed at what they're doing while their mom gets dinner ready for them.

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