(Video) This 3-Week-Old Puppy Playing With Her Parents Will Melt Anyone’s Heart!

Mom and Pug Puppy

If you have ever heard the expression: “The family that plays together stays together”, you get a wonderful true-life depiction of this theme over on the next page.

There we have the Mommy, Daddy and at least one of their cute little puggy babies keeping each other company, playing and having family time!

Of course, doggie playtime is a bit different than our own. Mom and Dad are a bit older, after all, and the baby is full of energy but very tiny. They would not be good parents if they played too roughly with the young one!

But that really is okay as far at the puppy is concerned because, if you look closely, you will see that the young one is far more interested in nursing than rough-housing! At three weeks of age, too young to understand real-world life lessons, let him have his way!

After the break go on over and watch this loving domesticated pack. They will make you know what it is to be a family!

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