(Video) This Boston Terrier Knows How to Fly High! Watch How He Plays “Keepy-Up” With a Balloon!


Dogs just know how to keep themselves entertained. There is absolutely no such thing as a dull moment for them! LOL! With their energy and curiosity, pooches can spend the whole day having a ball!

At least that's what this Boston Terrier did. LOL! In this awesome video, one pooch is just happy to be able to play with a balloon!

It's so bouncy and fun to keep up in the air. When you see what he does next, you'll be laughing your socks off.

This playful pup sure knows how to keep us entertained as well! You need to see this energetic pup.

Watch and find out what happens when this Boston Terrier plays with an orange balloon on the fun video on the next page!

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